i'm coco and i like to write & draw! i mostly draw my ocs, but i also make fanarts about the things i like
i'm nonbinary and queer! i use any pronouns, but i strongly prefer they//themmy main fandoms are bnha & csm and my fav chars are dabi & power :)i make comics and my ocs mean a lot to me! please respect that, even if you end up not liking them.my DMs are always open so if you feel like chatting about bnha, my comics or literally anything, just hit me up!reposts, using my art for edits/banner/icons etc. are ok but only with proper CREDIT! (also pls don't remove my watermark)


(for even more (and bigger) examples you can check out my portfolio at pixiv ! )(✿◠‿◠)

Commission status: open

thank you for considering to commission me!my prices and examples are listed down below. (all prices are in EUR, for more examples look at my portfolio!)you can commission me via
- discord cocoLB#2860
- twitter @cocolabaka
commissions are paid via paypal invoice.by commissioning me you agree to my Terms of Service, so be sure to read them!!

will draw:
-Humanoid characters
-Fanart, OCs, fancharacters, etc.
-anthro and furry art
-soft NSFW, lewd art, ship art (incl. self inserts)
-soft gore and (body)horror

won't draw:
-hate art (anything with the intention to hurt others)
-porn and fetish
-heavy gore
-complex backgrounds
-mecha and complex armour (atm)


  • extra character: + 50 %

  • commercial use + 100 %

  • more detailed background + 7,- EUR

  • extremely complex characters might increase the price


  • col. sketch: 10,- EUR

  • with lineart & more rendering: 15,- EUR

Half Body

  • col. sketch: 20,- EUR

  • with lineart & more rendering: 35,- EUR


  • half body: 10,- EUR

  • full body: 20,- EUR

Terms of Service

About the payment and the commission in general:

  • payment via paypal invoice (all prices are in EUR)

  • you have two weeks to pay for the commission otherwise I will cancel the commission (there is always the possibility to put you on my waiting list if you need more time to pay)

  • All commissions include a simple background (of course you will get the render as well)

  • commissions are for personal use only, for commercial use the rights must be purchased (+100% of the price)

  • commissions will take up to two weeks, depending on the complexity and other workload I might take longer. In that case you will be informed.

  • I accept max three revisions per commission. Big revisions are no longer possible after you agreed to the sketch.

  • After you agree to the final sketch and I continued working on the commission a refund is no longer possible. (only exception: I didn't start working on your commission two weeks after the payment without informing you beforehand.)

  • It is strictly forbidden to convert the commission into a NFT

  • I don't allow the commission to be used for AI purposes of any kind

about me, the artist:

  • I have the right to decline or discontinue any commission for any reason. If any payments were made you will get a full refund.

  • I hold the rights over my commissions (e. g. post them on my social media, use them for publicity, my portfolio etc. unless otherwise discussed)

  • I will not profit any further from the commissioned work

  • I might take an extra fee for complicated commissions (e. g. complicated poses, complex character designs etc.)

about you, the client:

  • Please provide clear references of the character(s) you want me to draw

  • -> if you don't have a character sheet or reference art work for your OC try to describe them as clear as possible. Look for references on Google, Pinterest, etc. that are as close as possible to your ideas.

  • After I accept your commission I will send you a sketch based on your references and wishes. If you agree to the sketch I will continue until the piece is done.

  • I will keep you updated during the process to make sure everything is still alright.

  • After you agree to the final sketch I will accept only minor changes of the commission

  • you have to credit me

  • You have the right to edit, crop. resize the commission. You still have to credit me and make clear you edited it.